How to Become a Physical Therapist Aide: A Comprehensive Guide

How To Become A Physical Therapist Aide at SOCHI

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If you’re interested in entering a career in healthcare, then become a physical therapist aide is an excellent way to start! Get all the information you need on job requirements and qualifications from SOCHI.

Pathway to Become a Physical Therapist Aide

If you enjoy helping people, are interested in healthcare, and enjoy working with patients, becoming a physical therapist aide could be a great career path. Physical therapist aides work under the supervision of licensed physical therapists and help patients with exercises, stretches, and rehabilitation processes. Here’s a comprehensive guide to becoming a physical therapist aide.

Top 5 Steps to Become A Physical Therapy Aide

Find out how to become a physical therapy aide and the five steps you must take. Learn about continuing education opportunities, certification requirements, salaries, and more from experts at SOCHI.

1. Get the Right Education

To become a physical therapist aide, you will need a high school diploma or GED. Additionally, you will need to complete a physical therapist aide program that provides you with the necessary credentials or certification required in your state. The course covers anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, rehabilitation techniques, and therapeutic exercises.

2. Gain Relevant Work Experience

Before pursuing a career as a physical therapist aide, it’s advised to gain relevant experience. You can look for internships or entry-level positions to get an understanding of how physical therapy aids help patients. You can also look for opportunities in local rehabilitation centers, hospitals, or clinics.

3. Pass the Required Certification Exam

Certification isn’t legally binding in all states, but It’s Still encouraged. Becoming certified builds credibility, enhances knowledge, and makes your resume stand out. The physical therapy aide diploma curriculum equips you with the knowledge and skills to help patients regain their independence and improve their quality of life.

4. Network

Networking is key to getting your foot in the door for your first job in physical therapy or as a physical therapist aide. You can join professional associations such as the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) to meet like-minded professionals in the industry. Networking activities may include attending events or conferences.

5. Develop the Right Attitude

Becoming a physical therapist aide requires a dedicated spirit and a positive attitude toward helping people. Patients often feel discouraged during their rehabilitation journey as progress can be slow. You should be equipped to motivate and encourage them throughout their recovery process and keep them comfortable and aware of the results they’re making.

What Does Physical Therapy Aide Do?

A physical therapy aide assists the physical therapist, making sure that the patient’s visit to the physical therapist goes smoothly and productively. The physical therapy aide’s job begins before the patient arrives, ensuring that the room is clean and prepared and that any equipment needed for the patient’s therapy session is ready to use.

Physical therapy aides also assist from greeting the patients upon arrival and helping them to the treatment area as necessary to lending a helping hand to the physical therapist during treatments. Clerical tasks are also a part of the job for a physical therapy aide. Managing paperwork, maintaining medical records, answering the phone, scheduling appointments, and ordering supplies may all be a part of your day.

Where Do Physical Therapists Work?

Physical therapists work in a variety of settings. Many people may associate physical therapists with hospitals, a common workplace for these professionals. However, physical therapists can also work in outpatient clinics, nursing homes, schools, fitness centers, and clients’ homes. This variety of settings reflects the diverse needs of patients who require physical therapy services.

Regardless of their workplace, physical therapists work closely with patients to develop treatment plans and help them manage pain, recover from injuries, and improve their mobility. With the growing demand for health care services, the need for physical therapists is also expected to increase over the coming years, creating more opportunities for these skilled professionals in various settings.

What is a Physical Therapy Aide Salary?

If you’re curious about the earning potential of a physical therapy aide, there are a few factors to consider. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for physical therapist aides in the United States was $26,240 as of May 2019. However, this figure can vary based on location, years of experience, and other factors.

In addition, physical therapy aides may also receive benefits such as health insurance and retirement accounts. If you’re considering a career in physical therapy as an aide, it’s worth researching the specific salary and benefits offered by potential employers in your area.


A career as a physical therapist aide is a great way to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives while earning a living. With ongoing education opportunities and a growing demand for physical therapists and aides, a career in this field may be an excellent long-term choice. Following the steps mentioned above, you can start your journey toward a successful career as a physical therapist aide.

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