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Southern California Health Institute is committed to its goals:

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Career Oriented Courses

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Medical Assistant Training

Are you seeking a medical assistant diploma program in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA? SOCHI offers comprehensive medical assistant training that can be completed in 9 months.

Become a Medical Assistant in 9 Month

Semester Credits / 36 Weeks
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health informatics

Medical Billing and Coding

Start your medical billing & coding career with Southern California Health Institute! Our acclaimed program is offered in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, and provides the necessary skills to succeed. Get certified today!

Become a Medical Biller and Coder In Less Than 9 Months!

Semester Credits / 36 Weeks
View Program

Massage Therapy Training

Southern California Health Institute (SOCHi) is a leading Massage School in North Hollywood, Los Angeles County. Our 9 Month Massage classes are designed to prepare students for being Massage Therapists.

Become A Massage Therapist In As Little As 9 Months!

54 Semester Credits / 37 Weeks
View Program

Physical Therapy Aide Training

Take the first step to a career in physical therapy with the 9-Month Physical Therapy Aide program from Southern California Health Institute! Get hands-on practical experience and skills you need to succeed in your career.

Become A Physical Therapy Aide In Just 9 Months!

56.15 Semester Credits / 38 Weeks
View Program

Begin your career journey with Sochi!

Ready to start a new career? Southern California Health Institute (Sochi) has your back. Uncover our exhilarating career choices and embark on the journey to unleash your potential. Contact us today to learn more!