Do Personal Trainers Make Good Money?

Personal Trainers Make Good Money

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The answer is yes, they do. Personal trainers generally make a very good living. For someone who loves fitness and has a passion for helping people, this is the career path to take! You get paid to help others achieve their goals, and you can also maintain a healthy lifestyle for yourself! What more could you ask for?


Paying your bills and being able to afford that next vacation or night out on the town are usually pretty standard things that most people are looking to achieve in life.

Personal trainers don’t have to worry about those things. They make a great living doing what they love, so working should be enjoyable for them!

Most personal trainers are paid by the hour. They have multiple clients that they train per day, which allows them to earn more than enough money in order to live comfortably and have some fun with friends or family as well!

Start Your Own Business

Starting your own business can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s also hard work. You’ll need to develop a solid business plan and build a loyal customer base that keeps you busy enough to make good money. To succeed, you’ll also need to be highly self-motivated, passionate about fitness and exercise, and an effective communicator. But if you have the drive and passion to succeed, starting your own personal training business can be one of the most gratifying things you do with your career. It’s also the best way to end up being your own boss instead of working under someone else.

How Much Money A Personal Trainer Makes Is Up To Them

How much a personal trainer makes depends on the number of clients they have, how many sessions they do with each client and how much they charge per session. The potential is practically limitless as you can take on as many or as few clients as you want. You can create programs or individual workout plans that your clients pay an extra fee for, or use to help retain them. If a client wants to sign up for your services again after their initial program ends, that’s great repeat business! With these tools in mind, let’s dive into a few ways you can make more money as a personal trainer.

The More Education And Experience You Have, The Better

You can make more money as a personal trainer if you have a degree and experience. However, this is true of almost any job. If you want to get a better-paying job, you need to invest in education.

This is the case for any career, but it is especially true in the fitness industry because there are so many certifications and specialties available. You will have to spend time and money on training in order to stand out from your competitors. But if you are serious about being successful in this field, then it will be worth your investment.

If you want to work as a personal trainer at a gym or health club, then you should go for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in physical education or exercise science.

These are the best degrees for learning how to train people safely and effectively without injuring them or causing them pain during workouts. The benefits of having these qualifications cannot be overstated!

It Depends On Where You Work

Next, where are you working? There are many options for a personal trainer to consider. Consider your goals, expectations and natural inclinations as a way to determine which environment might be best suited for you.

Health Club/Gym/Fitness Studio: Many people start their career in a gym or studio environment because they have little overhead cost (aside from the certification) and they can get their business established relatively quickly. Gyms usually have existing clients and offer marketing materials and opportunities to help personal trainers establish themselves in the community.
Private Client: Working out of your home or a client’s home is essentially private training on steroids–you are 100% responsible for establishing your clientele, determining rates and finding quality space that is conducive to training effectively. You must also handle all of the insurance issues associated with liability risks that arise when you work at someone else’s address–not an easy task!
Online: The internet has opened up a whole new world for fitness professionals, allowing them to train clients from anywhere in the world without needing expensive equipment or dedicated space. However, not everyone feels comfortable training remotely or has good enough technology/internet connection to make this feasible as a full-time income stream without significant investment into better tools, like photography and videography equipment.


Most people don’t have personal trainers, and those that do aren’t paying their trainer nearly as much as you think. The average price per session of a personal trainer is $58, but not everybody can afford that. People who do hire a personal trainer are more likely to be wealthy people who want your advice on how they can get even wealthier, so get ready for lofty conversations about stocks and bonds.

If you’re still trying to figure out if there’s enough money in the industry for you, let me put it this way: If you worked 40 hours a week, 52 weeks per year, charging $50 per hour with no paid time off or vacation days and collected payment from each client at the start of each session (gym owners typically handle payouts once per month), then at the end of the year you’d be walking away with over $100K. That’s not bad for part-time work! You’ll also have plenty of time left over for other projects or interests like writing blogs about how much money personal trainers make!

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