The Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

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Learn how aromatherapy massage can help reduce stress, promote relaxation, and increase mental clarity. Get all the facts with SOCHI’s guide, the benefits of aromatherapy massage today!

Aromatherapy is a specific type of therapy that incorporates scented essential oils into a massage. The massage involves alternating between gentle and harder pressure while using a particular blend of essential oils. The essential oils are diluted before use and are applied along with lotion during the massage

Not only is the client’s body benefiting from direct contact with the essential oils, but the oils are alleged to have specific healing properties upon inhaling after exposure. Sometimes, therapists even go as far as having clients inhale the oils through a diffuser and not only through mild exposure.

What are the benefits of Aromatherapy Massage?

Aroma therapeutic massage not only has the client leaving with a full body massage, but they also allegedly provide emotional healing and relaxation. The benefits are on a long list that includes a few of the same benefits as any other massage. Below are a few of the general benefits of a massage that incorporates aromatherapy:

Top 6 Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

Also, Ease of pain from various conditions listed below:

The Specifics of Aromatherapy

As you can see above, the benefits of aromatherapy are fruitful. As you may know, many different essential oils correlate to many other healing paths, so it’s up to you to communicate with your therapist to decide what oils are best for you.

If you are someone who has trouble sleeping or needs to relax, something like lavender would apply to your session. If you suffer from emotional distress, maybe rosemary or rose will be applied. Below are some of the different types of essential oils and their healing properties.

Muscle Tone

Many clients look for assistance in muscle tone and bodywork. Essential oils such as Marjoram and Balsam Fir will help that department. Lemongrass and White Fir, which reduce inflammation, also can aid muscle tone. An essential oil that may reduce scar tissue and work well for lowering acute bone and muscle pain is Helichrysum.

Joint Pain

Joint pain and strain are common issues with many who indulge in more physical activity, whether work or fun. Joint issues also arise in many of older age. Therefore, people are always looking for relief from joint pain, and that’s when essential oils can come in handy. Wintergreen is a known oil that can ease the tension in joints. Birch, its more expensive sister, should have the same healing properties. Cajeput oil is believed to aid in stiffness, while Roman Chamomile and Spruce help with inflammation and aching.

Connective Tissue

Connective Tissue is what binds and connects our body parts. Sometimes, people may run into issues with their connective Tissue; whether it be from a chronic condition or an abrupt onset of symptoms, it is important to make sure you are taking the time to heal them. Lemongrass is widely used, specifically when working on ligaments. German chamomile is also alleged to show signs of improvement in connective tissue problems.

Neuromuscular & Neuralgia:

Neuromuscular issues are related to nerve and muscle relations, while neuralgia is pain solely associated with some nerve damage or inflammation. Below is a list of a few of the essential oils that may ease pain associated to these conditions:

How Does It Work?

The process of aromatherapy is just like any other massage. After scheduling an appointment with your therapist, you will discuss any issues you have or what you need to work on (only if this was not consulted prior). Then, after you let the therapist know what type of condition you have or what specific oils you would like, they will then give you your options.

If a client isn’t requesting a massage to heal any nerves, muscles, or joints, they can ask for a more general request, such as an energizing, uplifting, relaxing, or decongesting massage. Once you choose your oils, the therapist will give you time to un-robe and situate. Then, your experience will begin.

Do Essential Oils Work?

In terms of the research that backs the science of essential oils, it is conflicting. There is clear evidence of essential oils aiding people in their healing process, but there is no detailed research that shows how essential oils directly correlate to that healing process. Here are the facts:

Why Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy has very few precautions attached to it. The main thing to worry about when dabbling in the realm of essential oils is making sure that you are not allergic to any of them. Not only are you inhaling the scent of the oils, but they will be in direct contact with your body, and it is not safe to expose yourself to any substances you are allergic to.

Other than that, essential oils and aromatherapy massage are holistic methods of healing that do not involve drugs. If you are interested in healing with minimal drug usage, then investing your time in learning about essential oils is an appropriate route to dive into.

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