The Core Principles of a CNA

The Core Principles of a CNA

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Gain an understanding of the core principles of a CNA and explore what potential career paths may lie ahead. Being a certified nurse assistant involves helping patients with daily care or other needs. This requires a certain type of character to fulfill the job correctly. As a Certified nursing assistant, you will be on the floor working hands-on and up close with patients and peers and behind the scenes on administrative tasks.

This means that you will need a wide array of qualities since the position is so diverse in the way that your tasks can change at any moment. This fast paced field is fulfilling but requires hard work. If you feel as though you are not the type to become a certified nurse assistant or are just wondering what it takes, not to worry. Any characteristic or skill required to become a CNA can be acquired through the proper schooling. See below for the qualities a CNA has within them.

What You Need to Know About The Core Principles of a CNA

Get an introduction to the world of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) with this guide from Southern California Health Institute. Discover the core principles, roles, and responsibilities of CNAs now.

What Characteristics Will You Learn?

These are just a few qualities and characteristics of a Certified Nurse Assistant. We will be releasing more characteristics soon. For the time being? Can you become a CNA? Are you good enough to become a certified nurse assistant? If you feel some of these characteristics are not what you are used to acting out or practicing, don’t fret. This is fixable. Here are six characteristics and core principles of a CNA:

1. Patience

As a CNA, you will often interact with many people, requiring you to be challenged. There will be either too stressful, confusing, or taxing moments on your mind. Just like it is hard work for you to be assisting so many people, let’s take a moment to talk about the patients being cared for. Although they will do well under your care and their facilities’ watchful eye, they may sometimes feel frustrated.

This is not to paint a picture of patients as unbearable. That is not the case. The environment is uplifting and supportive, as CNAs mesh well in the community. Being under healthcare is healing, but in some instances, just like any other customer or patron in a facility, they may be emotional. This would require being patient whether you feel sad or frustrated in your situation if this comes up.

2. Persistence

Persistence is another key quality of a successful certified nurse assistant. This characteristic is required to withstand the hard work days of a CNA. Your work requires you to constantly be caring for others and maintaining an optimum level of functioning. A level at which you will continuously be applying the knowledge of the legal and ethical responsibilities of the healthcare industry.

You will also be required to utilize the skills you learned in your education to meet the needs of all your patients. Burnouts are not an option for a certified nurse assistant. The work you provide ensures that patients are happy and healthy, so you must keep up your energy and have consistency throughout your work.

3. Empathy

Empathy is a critical disposition that you should have when in health care. If it still needs to be obvious, you will be in close contact with many who need help. Working in a field where you are not only in close contact but communicating requires a sense of competency that goes deeper than a tactile skill set.

You will need to connect with patients on an emotional level to give the work you do the extra push to accommodate everyone. There are More than pure hands-on talent, and quality medical procedures will be required. A sense of proper bedside manner is attached to assisting an RN, LPN, or PCA.

4. Flexibility

Just like any other job, you will be required to be flexible. Sometimes, your schedule will be different than normal due to various reasons. You may have to come in early or later than normal, and it would be easier if you were used to the spontaneity. This goes for all of your peers as well. With hectic schedules, a coworker may call in sick or be off, which may mean you would have to come in and cover a shift for them. Coverage must always be available.

5. Stable

Along with patience, you must stay stable, especially about your emotions. As a certified nursing assistant, you will be dealing with high emotions. Some will be stressed with their diagnosis, and others will be deeply affected. Over time, since you will be around your patients often, you will form a bond with them. It would help if you remained emotionally stable no matter the circumstances.

It can be very hard to hear that someone you’ve been chatting with every day has passed away. Since many are coming in and out of your facility depending on what type of healthcare you provide, this can be a common occurrence, so it’s best to train yourself to be stable.

6. Respect

Not being respectful is not an option as a CNA. You will encounter many different types of humans as you work, assisting your fellow nurses in aiding others. No matter their background or how they are reacting, you must uphold a level of respect for those around you. This means that you do not mistreat people under any circumstances, even if you feel as though they have some attitude.

If someone is upsetting you, a supervisor should escalate the situation. Regarding respect, it is important that a sense of respect is not wavered based on anyone’s gender, race, sexual orientation, or any other quality that you may not be educated about.

How To Become a CNA?

You can always go to a school and speak to an advisor and see how you can become a CNA. If your qualities are not there, or even most, they are all teachable. That’s what school’s for, right? Learning! Don’t let your anxieties stop you from joining a career focused on helping others and fulfilling your desire to be successful while doing good and challenging yourself. Learn more about the core knowledge, skills, characteristics expected, and the core principles of CNA to maximize your career potential.

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