A Journey from Classroom to Career Excellence

A Journey from Classroom to Career Excellence

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Meet Alexa Bartol, a 34-year-old resident of West Hollywood with dreams of making a mark in the medical field. Enrolled in the Medical Assistant program at the Southern California Health Institute (SOCHi), Alexa’s journey is a testament to how dedication and the right training can lead to fulfilling career outcomes.

The Training Experience

For 9 months, Alexa immersed herself in intensive training covering clerical and clinical skills essential for a medical assistant. She learned everything from screening phone calls and organizational skills to operating an EKG machine and drawing blood.

Reflecting on her experience, Alexa says, “SOCHi prepared me by giving me a solid foundation on what to expect while working in the medical field. Mrs. Torres’ straightforward and thorough approach was exactly what I needed.”

Her favorite part of the program? The hands-on lab work gave her practical experience and made her comfortable with basic medical tools and procedures.

Transition to Professional Life

After completing her training, Alexa’s hard work paid off as she secured a job at a dermatology center in Studio City immediately after her externship. “I love my job and the dedicated individuals I work with,” she says. “Everyone’s priority is patient care and satisfaction. It’s a fast-paced environment that continues to challenge and help me grow.”

Alexa was the second SOCHi student hired at the dermatology center, joining another highly regarded graduate from our program. This quick transition from student to professional is common among SOCHi graduates, who often find employment swiftly after completing their training.

Career Growth and Future Aspirations

Alexa’s journey doesn’t stop at landing her first job. She talks passionately about her aspirations and the continuous support she receives from her employer. “I look forward to moving up in my current position and title at my job. I’ve already been allowed to advance my education in the dermatology world, with my job offering to pay for a certified derm tech program. Which I have since completed.”

The SOCHi Impact

Alexa’s story is a shining example of what SOCHi aims to achieve for all its students: continuous growth, both professionally and personally. We encourage our students to constantly seek opportunities for advancement and view the world through a lens of perpetual learning and improvement.
Deciding to at

Deciding to attend the Southern California Health Institute was one of the best decisions Alexa ever made. “I’m incredibly happy and fulfilled in my new career! Thank you, SOCHi.”

Congratulations, Alexa!

We are immensely proud of Alexa Bartol and her accomplishments as a medical assistant. Her story inspires current and future students, showing that success is within reach with the right training and determination. Thank you, Alexa, for sharing your journey with us, and congratulations on your continued success!

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