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It’s hard trying to figure out what career you want to dive into. You can sit there and think, “how do I figure out what job I want?” or “how do I know what I want to do in the future?”, but nothing will be accomplished unless you take the steps to figure those things out. Whether you are just out of highschool, a recent college graduate, or more mature with no schooling, it is never too late to find a dream career.

There are many ways to find out what kind of career you should fall back on. First, it’s good to find out what type of field you are interested in. Are you into helping others? Hospitality? The arts? Health and wellness? All of this matters. Obviously, you can always pursue a hobby on the side of your career, but you need to find out if this career is sustainable for you in terms of your interests and passions. If it is not something you are very passionate about, will you be willing to settle for other pros of the job such as stability and pay?


To find out what you are interested in, you have to try out new experiences. This may be hard because the common issue people run into when trying to expand their resume is that they don’t have much experience. The question is then raised: how do we gain experience when experience is required to gain experience. It’s truly mind boggling. One solution to overcome this resume paradox is too volunteer your time or look into internships.

Look up some places you would want to work at in the future and see if you can manage to volunteer there. Many shelters, hospitals, businesses, and other institutions in separate fields would love a newcomer to come see how things work. Many institutions already have programs in place to help you with this, all you would have to do is apply or inquire online. Once you have tried a few places, that can probably give you a little taste of what you are interested in. Who knows, maybe you will find your new passion or pick up some interesting tips in different worlds.

How To Gain Experience?

Another way to choose your career for the future is to do some online research. It’s a good idea to look at the news and other trends and see what businesses are booming. If business booming isn’t what draws your eye, figure out what does! This is a bit like the last tip when we suggested you go out and volunteer, except this is online. Research some ideas and then dive through each of them. You can watch the videos online to see how certain jobs are done or even hear about individual testimonials. Vlogs (video blogs) are a common occurrence, so it is nice to hear from other people like you how they feel about certain careers.

When searching online, be sure to look into most details of your career before you dive in. Make sure you know what you are looking for when listening to testimonials and researching certain topics. How much can you make with that career? How do you move up the chain of command? How does one move up the chain of command? Is the job taxing? Is there a good work/life balance? Do I need to have thick skin? Is it more passive?

Double Check Your Work

The last thing you want is to jump into a career and be surprised about the logistics on a day to day basis. If you are going into nursing, do not forget that there will be blood and not just smiling patients heading out with their prescriptions.

While doing your research, it is also a good idea to look into how to achieve the said goals of the career you are interested in. If you’ve become fond of becoming a nurses assistant, you can than look up testimonials of nursing assistants online. Maybe you have a relative or a friend of a friend who is a nursing assistant; you can ask them how they got to where they are. There are many blogs and articles online on how to achieve your dream career. The internet can provide you with any instructional information you need to set yourself up to a stable income.

In most cases, your dream career will require some sort of training. You can get your training at a traditional four year college, or you can find yourself attending a vocational school. It is important to find out not only what is best for you, but best to reach your dream career. Can you get the same type of training from a vocational school at a four year college for cheaper? It all depends on the career you’re looking for. Sometimes, training for a career won’t even be accessible at a four year institution. We highly doubt you can find a four year electrician program, and even if you do, you can attend a career training program to get you the same training for less money.

Looking For Inspiration

Finding a career that you like requires patience and motivation. The key is to look for inspiration. Figure out what strikes your interest and seek to find more evidence. Some like helping others and some like keeping to themselves and with a more hands off approach. Keep digging until you find out what you enjoy. There are many instances in which people think they highly enjoy a job, but it turns out it is not for them. That is okay. Life is about trial and error and discovering what is best for you. Go out there, find your career, and dream it up until it’s tangible and you are thriving.

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